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NFT DFTS - is a platform designed from the bottom up for the Mobile Money Business by people who understand the challenges of the Building a distributed Mobile Money business. It is built with the experience of working in the field to be light and responsive while giving maximum availability.

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The Mobile Money business is a low Margin high volume business so its critical that your agents are always available to serve clients but also they have the necesaary float.

DFTS enables you to have visibility of all your agents status in realtime giving you the control and ability to manage the float as it changes per transaction.


Your Agents are supposed to stay on location to serve clients at any time of the day. Being able to see the balance beiing held by each agent remotely means that you can continuously supply needed float to them either digitaly or physically before they run out.


In all business Location is one of the most important variables. Our software gives you realtime location reporting of where you agent is operating from to ensure that your business does not surfer when agents decide to either swicth locations or not turn up to work and operate from other locations.

Our Software Features

With DFTS you can monitor e-float per agent, for effective operations. Other features include: .

Providing the current e-money balance on agent lines (terminals / till) with a maximum of one hour from the time the a transaction is executed.

Estimating commission as per service provider schedule.

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More of Your Software

The performance of the current day in terms of

Reports for number of transactions, average commissions and volume for current day.

Downloadable summary reports Customizable by date and administration zone.

Our Pricing

Basic Plan

$ 142

  • up to 25 agents/lines
  • Basic reports
  • Online support
  • Realtime Dashboard

Business Plan

$ 275

  • Up to 26 - 75 agents/lines
  • 10 hours consultancy
  • 6 months onsite support
  • free software upgrades

Pro Plan

$ Project based

Annual fee
  • Full Time Consultancy
  • Upto 200 Agents
  • Fulltime onsite support
  • Free Software Upgrades

Download Our Software

Our software downlaod site is based on pre approval after contracts have been signed. You will need a login that should be given to you on contract completion.

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Contact Us

For more information please get in touch .

Plot 593, Off Muganzi Awongererwa Road,Makerere, Kampala.

+256 (0) 312 227 700 or +256 (0) 414 237 904